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  • 24 Stunden Markt
  • Bevorzugstes Investment von Banken und Institutionen
  • Reactive to supply / demand (silver)
  • Good for long-term investment
  • CFD Service, traded with Leverage
  • Low volatility

Warum mit Kawase handeln:

  • Gold & silver available
  • Rapid execution
  • 1:100 max Leverage
  • Transparent pricing

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Trading Metals

Gold value is determined by the market 24 hours a day, nearly seven days a week. Its price is less affected by the rules of supply and demand. This is because new mine supplies are greatly outnumbered by the size of above-the-ground, hoarded gold.

Unlike Gold, the price of Silver fluctuates between its store value and its industrial material presence. Silver is always more volatile than Gold.

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