Extreme Transparency

Kawase cTrader features a number of unprecedented reporting tools. Traders can analyze a very detailed record of their trading activity and retrieve data never before accessible on a retail platform.

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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

Order, Position and Deal information

View more than 50 fields of Information on each of your positions, orders and deals. These details include exact matching times, fill times, and fill rates, while 'timelines' at the bottom of the window show all related trading events in the time they occurred. This is by far the most comprehensive position breakdown found in any trading platform.

Transparent Costs

You can see your exact trading costs in the “Swap”, “Commissions” and “Closing Commissions” columns. Commissions display the charges for the trade that opened your position, while Closing Commissions display the charges for the trade that will close your position. If you are using Kawase cMirror, the charges of the Signal Provider, if any, are displayed separately in Commissions column.

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Market Snapshot

You can find a market snapshot of the available liquidity at the moment a deal was executed in the “Market Snapshot” section of the “Deal Info” window. This way you can check the available prices at the moment of execution with millisecond accuracy.

Position Timeline

Every position has it’s own timeline of events in the “Position Info” window. You can see all orders and deals that created and closed the position accompanied by the exact milliseconds it took to execute each of the events. You can click on any of the events to open it’s dedicated information window containing with more than 50 fields of information.


All transactions that affect your account are displayed in the transactions tab with a dedicated transaction ID as well as a note explaining the reason of the transaction. You can keep track of any charge or deposit to your account.

Done Orders

Done Orders window displays all your past orders even if they were expired, rejected or cancelled. Stop outs are included as an order type and can be separately tracked.


You can create a detailed account statement choosing from various available periods. Your statement will display your current open Positions, Orders and closed deals of the period, as well as your total deposits, withdrawals, available balance and equity, charges and much more.

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