Kawase cTrader

Built to Perform

Kawase cTrader is our award-winning trading platform. By featuring the world’s fastest trading technology on the planet, the platform offers unparalleled trading conditions and execution speeds.

Designed with institutional trading in mind, Kawase cTrader connects traders directly to major banks using FIX API, the industry’s standard protocol for financial information exchange. This allows for uninterrupted trading with no bottlenecks or manipulations as all orders are passed directly to the liquidity provider.

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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

Unique features

  • Directly connected to banks
  • 40 Time frames & tick charts
  • On-server trailing stop
  • Chart trading
  • Trade in your timezone
  • 3 Depth of market types
  • Trading history on-chart
  • Live market sentiment
  • Trading session info
  • Runs on all devices

Awards & Recognition

FX Week Best Retail Platform

Awarded Best Retail Platform 2013’ at the FX Week e-FX awards in New York. The award recognizes industry excellence in foreign exchange from banks and vendors annually.

Kawase cTrader's features, execution speed, transparency and intuitive UI have gathered the attention of the industry. FX-Week awarded our platform for the superior trading environment it offers, with features and tools never before seen on a retail platform.


Position Information

More than 50 fields of information on each of your positions, orders and deals. View the entire journey of your trade from its time of placement to its exit and fill amount.

Advanced Protection

Set advanced stop loss settings, including trailing stops and stop loss to break even. Additionally, you can use Scaling out which partially and gradually closes your position to protect you from further losses.

Responsive Design

Kawase cTrader scales to all screen sizes, making the platform accessible to almost everything that has a browser. Most importantly, every screen size comes with its own interface tweaks to make it easier and more intuitive to use.

Agile Position Closing

Adjust your customizable Close button which allows you to specify variables for closing multiple positions. For example you can close all losing, winning, short or long positions.

Chart Trading

Set your Stop Loss and Take Profit straight on the chart, with real time calculations on your positions that allow you to gauge your risk in real time.

Color Friendly

Choose between the default Dark and Light themes or customize your charts entirely to your liking.

Always the way you want it

Bring your preferred layout everywhere with Cloud Workspaces. By logging in to your Kawase cTrader account from any computer, all your layout settings are automatically synced and ready to be used.

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