Our Promise

Customer Experience

Phenomenal customer care is part of our overall philosophy. We view great support as important as the products we offer. To this extend, we have built a comprehensive service called Support Fanatics, a premium customer care program designed to fit the needs of every trader.

Revolving around educated individuals, transparency and built with the help of actual traders, our teams are always in the know and can assist you with any query, be it with your trading platform or your account handling.

Fast Response

Prompt responses are crucial in the fast paced world of investments. Our teams respond to your queries within 20 minutes, regardless of channel (email, chat, etc).

24/5 Availability

You can get in touch with our support gurus 24 hours a day, 5 times a week through all available communication channels, including our trading platform, which features live chat built-in.

Support is available in six languages: Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, French, English, German.

Instant Withdrawals

At Kawase, we view transactions, and especially withdrawals, a part of customer care. Support handles your request immediately upon receiving it, without the need of an “internal account” or “wallet” in a client area.

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