The Teams

Human Centric

Our support model revolves around well-mannered and educated individuals. Human contact is the fundamental basis of quality support and we went to great lengths ensuring this aspect of our business.

Support Teams

Fanatic Support is comprised of several teams operating in different languages and markets. Every team monitors the needs of each market and adjusts its approach accordingly.

These teams have separate goals to reach and are evaluated constantly, making sure quality service is provided, from the initial response to a client, all the way through resolving an issue.

Competing for Excellence

Teams compete with each other to provide the best experience possible. Measured by customer feedback and the resolution of issues, each team is assigned a score which becomes a key factor in their evaluation.

Each team member contributes to their team’s score and are given their own, personal score that is also evaluated.

Constantly Educated

Every member goes through rigorous training, covering all aspects of our products and services such as trading conditions, platform navigation and tools and helping with all kinds of procedures like transactions and proper document submissions.

As we update our platform and services, each team member is given reading material and then tested to verify that they are indeed capable of resolving issues and are familiar with the latest developments of our trading platform.

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