Active Trading Programme

Trade More with Less

Pay less while you grow as a trader with our Active Trading Programme, exclusively available to Kawase Active Account holders. Our algorithm automatically detects investors that exceed the volumes listed below and reduces commissions by up to 50% on all instruments.

The commission reductions below are based on volume traded.

Commissions per mil. 35$ 30$ 25$ 20$
Volume (In millions) 0 - 4.99 5 - 49.99 50 - 199.99 200+
Reduction - 14% 29% 43%
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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

Why commissions?

Kawase’s spreads are raw. The trading charges are entirely commission based. Charging commissions instead of increasing the spread is more beneficial for traders for a number of different reasons:

  • Commissions don’t interfere with your trading activity. Increased spreads that you see on other brokers trigger your Stop Loss while simultaneously making Take Profits harder to trigger.
  • Commission charges are more transparent. You know exactly how much you are charged per trade, instead of having to identify hidden costs in the spread.
  • Commission charges are a market standard.
  • Commission charges can be reduced based on trading activity. In Kawase’s active account you can reduce your trading costs by increasing your volume.

Understanding commissions

Commissions are expressed as X $ / million $ traded. What this means is that if you trade one million $ of volume, you will pay X amount of commissions.

Example 1: You fill one deal for 100k volume of USDJPY at 25$ / mil. The commission you will pay is $25 / 10 = $2.5

Example 2: You fill one deal for 500k volume of EURUSD at 40$ / mil and your account is in CHF. In this case you are trading EUR (because you are trading the base currency of the symbol). The rate will be EUR 40 / million Euro traded. The commission you will pay is EUR 40 / 2 = 20 EUR. This amount will be converted to CHF by multiplying with the EURCHF rate. The final amount you will see in the platform will be a CHF amount

Understanding Volume

Trading volume is the amount you are sending with every order. Opening and then closing a position requires two orders, one for opening and one for closing.

Example: If you open and close a 100k position in EURUSD, your total volume generated is 200k.If you open a position of 100k for EURUSD in January, and close it in February, 100k of the volume is allocated to January and 100k is allocated to February.

Please note that Kawase offers leveraged accounts, so trading volume should not be confused with account balance.

Example: an account of 10.000 USD trading on a market with 1:200 leverage can open a position of 1 million USD, and use only half of the available margin (2.000.000 USD maximum margin available)

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