Spreads & Execution

Pricing feeds

Kawase cTrader streams competitive pricing directly from major global banks. This is achieved by using a proprietary price aggregator developed alongside the trading platform, allowing unprecedented access to low-priced instruments and rapid execution.

Live Prices

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Kawase is using proprietary aggregation technology that automatically gathers pricing from more than 12 sources. A proprietary algorithm then scans these pricing feeds and finds the lowest bid and ask price for each instrument separately.

When the lowest price of an instrument is identified, it is then streamed directly to Kawase cTrader. This happens at an interval of more than 50 times per second for each of our pricing feeds.

This aggregator was developed alongside the platform over the course of two years, with teams comprised of leading finance experts and specialists from around the globe.

Having our own aggregator and not using a third party solution means we don’t have extra overhead expenses to transfer to our clients. It’s one of the reasons we can offer our low pricing without compromising on trading conditions.


Order Execution

Because Kawase cTrader was built as a DMA platform by default, our execution is always defined by its speed and pure DMA characteristics.

Kawase cTrader is connected directly to our liquidity providers, unlike most popular and legacy platforms that need a bridge in order to pass your orders to the market. This allows for greatly improved execution conditions, where most orders execute in milliseconds.

Kawase's technology and trading engine are also co-­hosted with the world’s largest financial cloud network covering Europe, Asia and Australia, using more than 120 data centers, shared by the same large institutions that we stream pricing from.

This allows the platform to take orders and pass them directly to the market, eliminating all delays, dealing desk interventions and to offer access to institutional grade conditions to all clients.

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